stuff i like!

shows/anime: mob psycho 100, cowboy bebop, evangelion, what we do in the shadows, invader zim

games (i'm not a very big gamer): minecraft, undertale, omori

music:ATARASHII GAKKO!, lemon demon, my chemical romance, poppy, type o negative, system of a down, kikuo, kikuohana, tally hall,

my bloody valentine, radiohead, panchiko, machine girl, the cranberries, strawberry switchblade

& infinite others....

other: homestuck, scott pilgrim

general: i like biology and cats and armadillos :D

my hobbies include: drawing, reading, coding (obvs), knitting, and spending time in nature. :)

i will be putting shrines here in the future! (hopefully) :3

piracy is cool status cafe